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When Is It Time to Fire Your Ottawa General Contractor?!

Relationships generally don’t last forever, although there are some exceptions. That’s somewhat strange because we seem to be hard wired with a need to be in contact with other people.

Sociologists believe this requirement evolved when our ancestors were hunter gatherers, and one mammoth was too big for one person to bring down.

Despite that, relationships seldom endure forever in business. Boredom, conflicts and power struggles seem almost inevitable. Perhaps the sociologists are right when they relate this to a subconscious urge to ’lead the pack’, command the tastiest cuts of meat and pick the juiciest oranges.

Most Relationships Have End By Dates

Take marriage as an example. Even there, the path of true love is never smooth. Partners may try their best but they always seem to be having their up and downs. Did you ever wonder whether that’s because we are a little scared of trusting, and love slips through our fingers? We’ve all got a story to tell of a failed experiment: one that returns to haunt us in memory time-after-time.

Psychologists say we begin to feel vulnerable when the fences start coming down. Perhaps it’s that way in business too, especially when it comes to relationships with clients. We’ve all had deals where we lost some after we trusted too much. Each new contract stirs up these hurts, and tempts us to raise our shields again.

We are proud to say as general contractors not a single commercial client has fired us over the past eight years straight. This may be because we understand that all projects come to an end when they have run their course. We watch for signs of relationship fatigue often signaled by small disagreements.

Many suppliers hang on to client relationships for far too long. This can be out of laziness, fear of losing future business, or complacency. We spend a great deal of time getting new business, but we sometimes handle the back end badly. We believe in closing contracts with our heads held high, and in the most professional way possible.

“A New Broom Sweeps Clean: An Old Broom Knows the Corners’

There’s more than a measure of truth in that proverb. Particularly when an older employee retires, and we try to replace them with a younger person with half the experience. In the contracting world we might like to rephrase the second half as ‘A bedded-in contractor knows how to cut the corners’.

Are you feeling frustrated as property owner, property manager, or consultant architect, engineer or designer with a general contractor you hired? All contractors eventually go off the boil because they have lost interest, or they have more lucrative fish to fry. We guess that applies to many personal relationships too.

When It Could Be Time to End the Relationship

Your disappointment and frustration with your GC may have reached breaking point. In that case it could be time to terminate the relationship. Contractors and employees have several things in common because we hire them to gain leverage from their efforts. The signs to terminate these contracts include:

  • Their productivity is plummeting
  • They start playing ‘office politics’
  • They have tapered off, there is no growth
  • They people around them start complaining
  • They start ignoring your company policies
  • They are more off the job, than on the job

Neil Sedaka sang ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do” because he was pleading for another try. Psychologists relate this to our ingrained tendency to want to hang onto the past, and our fear of the uncertain future.

Again, we can relate this to personal relationships. That’s because true love and the perfect contractor just have different intensities of attachment. Many of these relationships continue because we don’t like change, and we have a fear of having to do things on our own.

GCs are like many marriage partners in that sense. They all start out good, yet surprisingly few are able to sustain. They become bored with same thing every day, and like the dog in Aesop’s fable there are alternatives that look more exciting. All general contractors eventually get bored with servicing the same customer every week. It’s a natural thing.

Boredom and the Paralysis of Our Productive Powers

Social psychologist Eric Fromm said “Boredom is nothing but the experience of a paralysis of our productive powers.” And boredom comes from continuing to do the same thing. Anthropologists say humans worked their way to the top of the pack because we love variety and we are obsessed with improving things.

Now it follows that clients and contractors are equally likely to eventually become bored with a business relationship that goes on forever. If Eric Fromm is right, clients should eventually let go of their general contractors, because they will grow as they apply their productive powers to find new ones that might even be better.

Innovation is good for business, and good business is innovative. Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company says “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” It’s definitely time to let go of your Ottawa general contractor if they have lost interest and are no longer adding value.

It’s the old story of new brooms sweeping clean, while old ones miss tight corners to put it another way. We explore the reasons why this is so in the second half of this article. As business owner or manager you saddled yourself with the task of making tough decisions. Never allow affection to derelict that duty.

Three Perfectly Good Reasons to Terminate Your GC

It is never nice breaking up with old friends and terminating business associations. Moreover we are going to have to find another Ottawa general contractor. Psychologists call thoughts pulling us in two directions cognitive dissonance. This is a state where we have inconsistent thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards a decision we have to take.

Thoughts flood through our minds. They’re nice people … they have helped us in the past …. they even walked the extra mile in the beginning … how can we terminate their services suddenly. It’s a tough call to take that step. But you will feel better about doing so after you objectively analyze the facts.

Here are the three commonest reasons we have found for pulling the plug on general contractors when their performance becomes unsatisfactory:

  • They don’t keep you in the communication loop the way they used to
  • Their prices are creeping up but the reasons they provide don’t cut it
  • The quality of their work is slipping, you are becoming tired of excuses

Of course not all of these may apply equally to your situation. There is no one-size-fits-all outside of cheap socks. Your contractor may still be doing good work at a fair price. Your problem may be they take decisions without consulting you and you are unhappy with some of the results. You have your rights. Quality is in the eye of the client in the general contracting game.

Reason # 1: They Don’t Keep You in the Communication Loop Properly

Tradespeople may become over-confident, and simply not see the need to discuss the details with clients. In their minds they are technical experts, and they’ll do what they believe is best. However, they should still discuss the options with clients, and advise them while respecting their final decision.

Most Ottawa general contractors are business people and they quite naturally hope to optimize their profits. They may choose a particular window frame because it is going cheap, but they should discuss the style with you before going ahead. The problem is they are not always the best communicators.

This is not a judgement call, before our phones ring off the hook and our message box overflows. Some of the best tradespeople prefer working with tools rather than with people. That’s one of the reasons why many leave school early to take up a trade. The really good ones take justifiable pride in their work.

That’s quite okay. We haven’t met many excellent people who also feel that way. There’s a simple workaround in the form of site meetings. These are informal conferences to compare progress against plan, discuss options, and make decisions. Minutes of proceedings should be shared

If you still feel bypassed after trying that, then it is time to let go of your general contractor. It is incredibly important to ensure your replacement GC has a liaison person, such as a skilled project manager who understands the interpersonal angle. Their people in the field will be more productive when left alone to do what they do well.

Reason # 2: Their Prices Are Creeping Up but the Reasons Don’t Compute

It’s relatively easy to take the foot off the gas with a GC with good interpersonal skills. We start cracking jokes and business meetings become more like family reunions. Mark Twain said “familiarity breeds contempt … and children”. Familiarity with a general contractor can lead to higher prices too.

It’s all too easy to take the foot off the brake, and stop obtaining comparative quotes to spot check whether we are getting good value. A GC that senses they are in this comfort zone may decide to gradually raise their margins, especially if they lowered them to get the original job. That’s fair business to a point but what happens when dishonesty creeps in?

A dishonest contractor – and they do exist – may take a chance and gradually edge up their prices beyond reasonable commercial norms. They may consider this fair having been with us so long, and perhaps in their minds sacrificed other more lucrative jobs in favor of working loyally for us.

A GC with a grudge factor may take advantage of our trust by starting to charge exorbitant prices, or use cheaper, inferior materials. The implications are obvious. We must test individual bids against what their competition would charge. In other words, we must shop around as we do for most other things. If you do, and you find you are being overcharged then it is time to let your general contractor go.

By way of example, we recently bid $10,000 on a window job that the client’s current GC priced at $22,000. Needless to say, the client went with us and we’ve worked with them for over 2 years. There is no substitute for a great deal at a fair price. In fact that’s one of our slogans.

Reason # 3: Quality is Slipping and You Are Tired of Excuses

This is a clear sign of an over-confident contractor who believes they have us ‘over a barrel’, and they can get away with sending in their lesser-skilled people. They may also be hoping to drive us away because they lost interest in the contract. Of course, there is also a possibility we are no longer describing exactly what we want. There are four phases to effective quality control:

  1. Describe what we want in writing in quantified terms
  2. Put a plan in place to achieve it, and monitor progress
  3. Inspect the complete job against the written requirements
  4. Attend to any snags, close out and pay the GC’s bill

Activities 1, 3 and 4 are your responsibility as client, although you should strive to make them a joint exercise with your GC so you achieve their buy in.

Regardless of how that goes, it is essential to pull them up sharp and insist on a proper job. You may get lucky and drive them away by ‘being a nuisance’. If not, and the problem persists then it’s probably best to fire the GC before they cost you even more money. Never pay a bill unless you are completely satisfied. Some in our industry believe payment signals the end of the project.

That’s why it is essential to obtain references, and inspect previous jobs when shortlisting a general contractor. A bland statement of “our work is guaranteed for a year” could mean little in a court. What does the guarantee include? What insurance coverage do they have if a job goes wrong?

A decent contractor should welcome these questions and have a comprehensive contract that answers them. If a tenderer for a job sidesteps these issues, then perhaps it’s time to let them go as a risky prospect.

Exchange Theory, the Basis for a Fair Deal

Those reasons we gave for letting go of a GC have several things in common including attitude and honesty. They are also cases of clients not getting what they are paying for. If you are unable to relate to any of them but still have a nagging resentment, then exchange theory may provide an answer.

Exchange theory evaluates business and social relationships in terms of the cost-benefits involved. An ideal marriage, if it exists is a state where both partners feel they are getting more out than they are putting in. A successful business relationship endures on the same basis. The measure of success of a client-GC relationship is both parties experiencing a really great deal.

Clearly, this is not happening from the client side in the three scenarios we advanced as reasons to let a general contractor go. Exchange theory suggests the client may be reticent about ending the relationship until they feel they have got back all the effort they put in, to keep the relationship lumping along.

In a word, they have cognitive dissonance between what they know what they ought to do, and what their emotions tell them. We wrote this article on the basis of deep experience we gained over many years as general contractors. We hope it helps you select (and hang on to) general contractors that meet your high standards.

If You Need a New GC Why Not Give Us a Try

Nobody is perfect in the general contracting game, although we believe we try harder than others. Our clients tell us the pros of working with us far outweigh the cons, and we feel the same way about the exchange of benefits. If you ask them they will tell you the risks of defects are few, and the benefits are great because we always attend to the snags.

Why not give us a try with a small job or two. We’ll appreciate the opportunity to prove our integrity. And moreover we’ll offer you a super price and a quality build that exceeds the promises in our contract that is legally binding. Clients sometimes ask how we have managed to maintain our high standards over the years.

We’ll be honest; we don’t have an expert system to share, or something another general contractor could clone. Quality and fairness are part of our makeup, and we choose employees, suppliers and clients who think that way too. Please reach out if you have a general contracting job needing doing on that basis. You will learn we walk the talk at Honey Construction, our prices are competitive and our quality is a real pleasure.


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Insured for $5M+

We are fully insured for up to $5 million in liability and our good standing with WSIB.


Prestigious Members

We are proud members of the Canadian Construction Association and adhere to the highest standards.

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