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That’s right, EVERYONE (Project Manager, Property Manager, etc) that enters our “Honey Client Appreciation Getaway Giveaway” and gives us $30,000 in work during the three month period of December 1, 2017 until February 28, 2018 (the “time”) will earn $1,000 travel gift certificate.

AND the Honey Construction or Honey Glass Client (you) that gives us the MOST work during the “time” will win the GRAND PRIZE a $5,000 Dream Vacation Trip (travel gift certificate)! See our official rules and regulations here.

  • Limited to $1,000 gift certificate per property manager.
  • Excludes any tendered jobs.

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Entrance and winners will be kept completely confidential.

We so appreciate our Clients, we hope to give every one them a vacation of their choosing this winter.

Doug Assaly, President of
Honey Construction Ltd.

Our Superstar Partners (Ya, You! Our Client)

We work with many local Ottawa government agencies, businesses, and general contractors who depend on our construction, renovations, repair, windows and glass expertise, which include:

I’m so excited to be partnering with Honey Construction & Glass to provide much needed vacations to their best Clients!

Helena Stratikopoulos,
Corporate Travel Specialist, Vision Voyages

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Entering giveaway and winning is completely confidential. If you want to enter the contest more privately, simply call a Honey Property Manager (Nick, Donnie).